Hospitals Executive’s Guide to ASC Expansion Strategy

Part 1: Can your hospital survive the growing dominance of ASCs?

U.S. hospitals are facing daunting headwinds. Traditionally at the center of healthcare, the American hospital is now confronting a variety of challenges that threaten to undercut its long-successful business model. One of the biggest of these challenges is a massive outmigration of surgery patients to specialized, highly efficient, patient-friendly ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

The migration of surgical volume to ASCs is a major strategic problem for hospital leaders. However, few executives have initiated an aggressive response, especially compared to their recent forays into the primary care market.

In recent years, hospitals have energetically pursued the primary care patient by employing a large percentage of primary care practices in the U.S. In contrast, hospitals have not demonstrated this kind of aggressiveness in the ambulatory surgery market. For the most part, the typical ASC remains independent of the hospital, being privately owned by surgeons or jointly owned by physicians and an ASC management firm.

This white paper will examine the ASC challenge from several angles. The goal is to help hospital
executives answer a key question: Should our hospital develop and pursue a strategy of expansion into
the ASC market?

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