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Surgical Directions’ proprietary software solution

Technology Powered to Help Your OR

Health care is often slow to adopt technologies that optimize how people, time, and physical resources are used. While other consulting organizations may offer to maximize a client’s perioperative performance, Surgical Directions’ key differentiators are our clinician-driven consulting model that uses predictive analytics to create and implement financial and cultural change.

Merlin™, Surgical Directions’ proprietary software solution, delivers presentation-ready data visualizations that allow clients to easily understand their surgical and procedural services today and use that knowledge to their advantage. Our clients gain perioperative data analysis, solutions, and reporting that is integrative and predictive of trends.

Predictive Analytics – Merlin

We empower clients to repurpose wasted minutes into surgical minutes.

Unlock Actionable Insights with Merlin™ Analytics

Predictive Analytics Solutions & Features

Merlin™ Product Matrix

4 Merlin™ Options to Meet Your Needs

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Perioperative Optimization
Merlin™ FeaturesCoreBlockProAnesthesiaAnes­thesia
Surgical Volume Trends
First Case On-Time Starts
Turnover Time
Scheduling and Daily Add-On Patterns
Prime Time Facility Utilization
Individual Surgeon Scorecards
Block Utilization Scorecards
Voluntary and Automatic Release Reports
Predictive Anesthesia Staffing Models
Anesthesia Resource Management Analytics

Change Management Through Technology

Using de-identified data, Merlin™ will dramatically expedite the time-to-value of a client’s current reporting workflow. From simple reminders to big-picture insights, Merlin™ removes the effort, guesswork, and emotions from decision-making. In our experience, individuals within healthcare are highly analytical—whether they work in front-line care or administrative or business roles—and they respond positively when presented with accurate data. Merlin™'s powerful visual analytics help busy professionals establish a baseline and reveal a path forward to best-in-class performance.

Knowledge On Demand

  • Streamlined installation process for quick & easy setup
  • Easy-to-understand, presentation-ready data visualizations to effortlessly share insights
  • Best-practice definitions to provide an objective standard for measurement & comparison
  • Customizable reports to address your most pressing challenges
  • Trusted advice across clinical, operational, & administrative domain

Unlock the Power of Your ORs

Healthcare financials are driven by surgical volume and improved patient throughput. Setting up processes that optimize patient flow through the surgical or procedural processes makes sense from all angles. Workflow enhancement begins with two key areas: patient flow analysis and patient preparedness. Using these principles healthcare facilities achieve:

  • Effective block scheduling and improved surgeon access
  • Resource management
  • Discharge planning
  • Wait-time reduction
  • Improved patient experience and surgeon satisfaction
  • Increased staff morale and retention


Merlin™'s powerful analytical capabilities enable clients to examine usage data over time and quickly understand operating room demand and adjust coverage accordingly. This creates transparency that helps protect staff from burnout and effectively leverages scarce resources. More importantly, in this value-based care era, tracking usage data preserves a hospital’s bottom line to drive service line decisions, which enables safe and effective volume growth and powers profitability.

Surgeon Scorecards

As hospitals seek to balance their need for greater volume, surgeons’ operating room access demands, and completing caseloads within anesthesiology’s contracted block time, surgeon scorecards are the answer to scheduling optimization. Merlin™ optimizes scheduling management through client dashboards that reveal surgeon-specific insights. This granular view allows clients to track surgeons’ operational effectiveness and make better decisions about OR access by tracking:

  • First-case-on-time starts (FCOTS)
  • Turnovers
  • Daily room usage and other key performance indicators

Outcomes include:

  • Wait-time reduction
  • Enhanced surgical staff and block-time allocation
  • Improved surgeon and patient scheduling

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