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Workforce Solutions

Create Cultural Change Through Accountability with Interim Leadership & Training

Every client is facing the same challenge: staffing shortages—and the industry shows no signs of relief in the next few decades. With increased demand for surgical and procedural services, many hospitals and systems struggle to do more with less.

We support our clients with:

  • Workforce management strategies
  • Physician, nurse, SPD, and other leadership interim staffing
  • Staff development, coaching, mentoring, & training
  • Recruitment & retention planning
  • Perioperative cultural transformation

Elevate your healthcare services with interim clinical leadership staffing, training, and cultural transformation.

Transform Your Healthcare Team with Powerful Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions

Achieving Long-term Success

Our consultants work alongside clients’ leadership and surgical teams to stand up sustainable governance boards and streamline processes to inspire lasting change. In addition to helping existing teams be more effective, we have a deep pool of interim surgical leaders to ensure coverage for short-term gaps. This enables health systems, hospitals, and ASCs to make immediate improvements to their perioperative services.

Our peer-to-peer triad approach means we engage with and listen to professionals across a client’s organization to uncover issues impeding progress, and then we implement plans that lead to positive improvement. We believe better healthcare decisions are made when clinicians and business experts partner with their peers.

  • Our physicians connect with our clients’ physicians
  • Our nurses connect with our clients’ nurses
  • Our business & analytics experts connect with our clients’ business & analytics experts

Physician Leadership Staffing

Strong leadership can make or break a solution plan, and often stall it before it gains traction. For hospitals and health systems that currently lack effect physician leadership, Surgical Directions has a pool of talented and experienced anesthesiologists and physician leaders who can assume that role in the interim and we can even facilitate placements when appropriate. This empowers facilities to operationalize solutions quickly and effectively, while reducing the sense of urgency, to make rushed staffing decisions that could have a serious negative impact on the long-term sustainability of positive change.

These interim physician and anesthesiologist executives understand the connection between culture, operations, and staff retention. They are skilled in strategies to create future leaders through development programs, mentorship, training, and coaching. An interim physician leadership solution provides stability and supports trust among staff until future leadership assumes the helm.

Nurse Leadership Staffing

Some clients require extra staffing support to get a new program, initiative, or implementation plan off the ground and running smoothly. One option to get a client operationalized immediately is interim leadership within nursing.

The essential role of nursing in the overall operations of a hospital, health system or ASC, especially with today’s critical shortage, emphasizes the need for focus on retention, even at point of hiring. Our interim leaders help a facility navigate complex challenges including:

  • Effective orientation
  • Improved team culture
  • Cooperative leadership at all clinical levels
  • Ongoing training and mentoring
  • Bonus and compensation structures
  • Improved morale
  • Efficient operations
  • Effective recruiting and retention strategies

SPD Leadership Staffing

Our consultants bring decades of experience with sterile processing departments, and we leverage that knowledge to help clients stand up or streamline their existing services. We understand the critical roles leadership plays to create a well-run central sterile processing department, and we work collaboratively to remedy issues related to:

Regulatory readinessTechnology & dashboard reporting
Policies & procedures that align with cases & surgeons' needsStaffing recommendations
Quality reviews & feedback toolsAuditing programs
Layout & process improvementsTraining & education programs including current AAAMI, AORN & CMS Standards

Having an experienced leader to help your SPD team create optimal performance is critical to success and patient safety.

Coaching, Mentoring, & Training

Sustainable change requires expert guidance and input from numerous stakeholders that bring diverse perspectives. Our role as consultants is to be the objective steward that supports clients through their improvement journey. In many cases, this includes leveraging our decades of knowledge in key areas that are tied to client issues. As clinical and operational peers, our consultant teams often gain trust faster with members of our clients’ teams because we “walk their walk and talk their talk”. For some clients, our support includes coaching and mentoring to get client teams up to speed quickly and moving forward together faster.

Recruitment & Retention

Recruitment is a costly and time-consuming process, and with today’s historically low unemployment rates for most healthcare specialties, clinicians have choices in where and how they wish to work. This complicates a necessary part of hospital operations and can place a burden on surgical and procedural services. Surgical Directions has experience advising clients on effective recruitment strategics to improve how hospitals and systems attract and retain healthcare employees. Addressing issues with culture, scheduling, safety, training, and other factors tied to staffing creates broad improvement throughout a healthcare ecosystem—including operations and economics.

Perioperative Cultural Change Through Accountability

Culture is a common term across all industries, including healthcare. There remains significant dissatisfaction among staff, which also impedes recruitment efforts. Moreover, the workforce of today demands greater flexibility and work-life balance. Our consultants work with clients to help them identify and overcome barriers to create more cohesive and effective environments where clinicians choose to stay within the organization versus leaving for employment models that are growing in popularity—including self-employment and traveler roles—which provide less stability within the organization and increase labor costs.

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