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Operating rooms continue to be the clinical and financial focal point for most hospitals and ambulatory centers. At Surgical Directions, we partner with hundreds of hospitals and surgical centers to provide strategic plans that deal directly with the challenges posed by an ever-changing health care industry. Utilizing our team of physicians, nurses, and business professionals, we offer a full range of health care consulting services and hospital staffing solutions to help wellness providers improve patient outcomes while optimizing the bottom line. Our goal is to increase operating room efficiency and strengthen our client’s position both financially and as leaders in their communities.

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Consulting Services

Consulting Services from Surgical directions provide our clients with know-how and techniques designed to optimize the effectiveness and profitability of their operating rooms. From a variety of strategic planning services to performance improvement and supply chain management offerings, Surgical Directions’ consulting services touch on the entire care continuum.

Interim Services

At Surgical Directions, we know staff turnover is an everyday reality in hospital and ASC OR’s. There is no need to feel rushed to make a decision to fill those roles! We provide interim staffing solutions for OR’s, Central Sterile Departments, and more. This gives you the time you need to do a proper search for a permanent replacement.

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  • Ambulatory surgeries account for around 80% of all surgeries performed in the United States today. The volume of ambulatory surgeries is due largely to an expanding range of surgical procedures that no longer require inpatient hospital recovery. Hospitals are naturally concerned about this trend as their historic financial health depended on a robust inpatient OR. In the past, joint venturing was a means for hospitals to recapture the lost surgical volume, ultimately successful case volume growth (or maintenance) depends on providing a valuable product to payers, patients, and surgeons. Please join us on February 14, 2019 at 1pm Central Time as Jeff Peters, CEO of Surgical Directions will discuss the topic of “Riding the Ambulatory Surgery Wave: Increasing Surgical Volume While Cases Leave the Hospital OR”. A registration link to the event, hosted by Becker's Hospital Review, is provided below. In this webinar, Jeff will present information showing not only the current market trends, but how those trends are impacting hospitals across the country. He will also discuss the science, both on the clinical side that is enabling the shift to more outpatient surgeries as well as the analytics that show how this is affecting patients and providers alike. Finally, he will discuss the options hospitals have to recapture some of this lost inpatient volume through different mechanisms that will help grow outpatient volumes with both patient and financial benefits. If you care about surgical case volumes and how to take advantage of the opportunities presented by ambulatory surgical growth, you won't want to miss this session!

    2/14/2019 Webinar - Increasing Surgical Volume in an Evolving Market

    January 8, 2019

  • In many organizations, elective cesarean sections take a back seat in the operating room. Cases are fit into the OR schedule, anesthesia and OR staff are pulled, or the operating room schedule may be delayed. On time starts are often not monitored and delay codes are not tracked.

    How can Labor and Delivery (L&D) departments run more smoothly to improve access and engagement?

    December 6, 2018

  • Facing the daunting challenge of intense competition and the ever-increasing demands of value-based care, hospitals are exploring a wide variety of approaches to improving both quality and efficiency.

    Gain sharing has long been a proven winner in aligning incentives, producing high value, patient friendly services. Indeed, the free-standing surgeon-owned ASC, is the time tested "poster child" of successful gain sharing.

    However, unlike the Stark ‘safe harbor’ regulation that permits ASC gain sharing, building a similar program between surgeons and hospital is more challenging:

    Hospital – Surgeon Gain Sharing Programs: Considerations and Cautions

    November 8, 2018

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