The time is now to prepare for the expected post-COVID surge in elective surgeries and procedures. This includes:

  • Stay current on government recovery programs and policies (e.g., the CARES Act, PHSSEF, etc.) including collecting necessary data to optimize your participation.
  • Prepare for the surgical case volume surge. (forecast expected volume by procedure, determine staffing needs, etc.)
  • Re-evaluate financial and scheduling polices.
  • And more!

Don't delay! The road back to health begins now. Contact us to accelerate your recovery program.


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Are you a health care provider needing to make and manage changes?

Operating rooms continue to be the clinical and financial focal point for most hospitals and ambulatory centers. At Surgical Directions, we partner with hundreds of hospitals and surgical centers to provide strategic plans that deal directly with the challenges posed by an ever-changing health care industry. Utilizing our team of physicians, nurses, and business professionals, we offer a full range of health care consulting services and hospital staffing solutions to help wellness providers improve patient outcomes while optimizing the bottom line. Our goal is to increase operating room efficiency and strengthen our client’s position both financially and as leaders in their communities.

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By the Numbers

Thousands of hospital ORs transformed, resulting in millions of dollars saved due to:

50 %

Reduction in SSIs

30 %

Increase in surgical case volume

75 %

Improvement in block utilization

60 %

Reduction in readmission rates

80 %

Reduction in surgical tray errors

50 %

Reduction in turnover times

10 %

Reduction in case times

< 1 %

Cancellation Rate

Illustrative results only; actual benefits will vary from facility to facility.

How much could you benefit? Try our ROI Calculator!

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