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Powering the future

of perioperative

& procedural care

The leader in transforming perioperative and procedural care to improve our partner and patients’ lives

Surgical Directions combines more than 25 years of experience in 500+ healthcare facilities, with AI-powered perioperative analytics and customizable perioperative and anesthesia solutions, to deliver our clients guaranteed financial results.

Clinician-Driven Consulting

Our Competitive Edge

The operating room (OR) is the financial core of your institution. Uncovering untapped potential in perioperative, procedural, and anesthesia services begins with people who understand it best. Our physician and nurse consultants’ partner with their strategy and analytics peers to build credibility, break down silos, and comprehensively explore opportunities that increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve financial, organizational, and operational performance. The result is healthier hospitals and superior patient care.

Whether you have an immediate need or are looking for ways to improve future operations, learn how the experts at Surgical Directions drive positive change and economic results.

Putting AI to Use

Technology-Powered to Enhance Your OR

Surgical Directions proprietary AI-powered predictive analytics software, MerlinTM puts data at your fingertips, on your terms. Including block scheduling, heatmapping, and patient throughput analytics, Merlin accomplishes what your EMR cannot. It creates accountability, manages change, and makes impactful business decisions through actionable and visual data analytics.


Financial Results


Unlock the economic potential of your operating room, the financial engine of your healthcare organization. Partner with us for:

Higher Revenues

Boost surgical access and volume by completing more scheduled surgeries with an appropriately staffed team.

Cost Savings

Standardized metrics help you make strategic and informed decisions regarding operational challenges.

Data-Driven Growth

Streamline processes to cut waste and costs in order to enhance your financial performance.

Quality & Safety

Improve patient care while reducing expenditures to ensure your OR is running as effectively and efficiently as possible.

By enhancing the financial health of your organization, we empower you to provide superior patient care. Elevate both the quality of care and your bottom line by unlocking your ORs’ potential with Surgical Directions.

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