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Supply Chain & Materials Management

Drive Significant Cost Savings Through Supply Chain & Materials Management

Several factors lead today’s hospitals, health systems, and ASCs to experience negative margins and slow growth. Our consultants understand that optimizing supply chain and materials management can improve operating room efficiency, equipment distribution, and vendor management. These improvements result in:

  • Optimized supply chain logistics
  • Cost and waste reduction
  • Enhanced safety and compliance
  • Workforce satisfaction
  • Standardization
  • Decreased case cancellations and delays
Supply Chain & Materials Management

Drive significant cost savings through process improvement, standardization, and waste reduction.

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Diagnose: Understanding Your Current Healthcare Supply Chain

Our first step is to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the current supply chain and materials management process. To achieve this, we:

  • Take inventory of current stock inventory (including expiration dates) & usage
  • Understand purchasing decisions & the existing procurement processes
  • Examine supply standardization, clinician input, & vendor management
  • Evaluate inventory management, logistics, & key performance indicators (KPIs)

In this review, we are mindful of product standardization opportunities and the opinions of the people who use these materials daily.

Developing Processes Across Your Supply Chain

We develop a high-functioning value analysis team with clinician integration to meet both clinical and financial outcomes. The team focuses on clinical standardization, inventory management, waste mitigation, and technology tools. Solutions typically cover these key areas:

  • Create governance to ensure compliance & continuous evaluation of KPIs
  • Establish data-driven methods to set par levels, manage contracts, & contain costs
  • Leverage technology to remove manual effort
  • Update preference cards to ensure accuracy & eliminate waste
  • Establish distribution & storage strategies to improve efficiency & reduce risk
Supply Chain & Materials Management

Implementing & Monitoring Your Supply Chain Improvements

Once we determine the solutions necessary to help our client achieve success, our business and clinical consultants work peer-to-peer with their facility counterparts to align preferences, needs, familiarities, and gaps. In addition, we help clients monitor usage data, vendor contract terms, and inventory management to ensure ongoing cost-saving.

By streamlining processes, protocols, and decision-making within the supply chain and materials management space, we help clients reduce spending, eliminate waste, and increase safety. By optimizing the workflow, we can help prevent supplies from being the cause of delays or case cancellations, quality concerns, and provider dissatisfaction.

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