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to improve our partner and patients’ lives

The leader in transforming surgical and procedural care

Surgical Directions is the nation’s premier clinician-driven perioperative consulting, technology, and workforce solutions organization. We have an unmatched depth of knowledge in the procedural space, with solutions that have been perfected over 25 years and across more than 500+ healthcare clients.

Our team of highly experienced physicians, nurses, and business consultants leverage a peer-to-peer triad model to build credibility and break down silos.

Our predictive data and analytics improve procedural productivity and help to facilitate difficult conversations. The result is real, lasting change that confidently generates financial, organizational, and operational results. In fact, we guarantee it!

Financial Results Guaranteed

Measurable Results & Improved Financial Health

As experts in perioperative and procedural services, we know that your operating room is the financial heart of your organization, and cost containment and increased revenue are paramount to your organization’s success and improved patient care. We are problem solvers fascinated by the many layers that touch procedural care. Our process redesign solves your facilities problems using a data driven approach which quickly allows you to see progress, results, and financial improvements.

Partner with a solution-focused consulting organization that is powering the future of perioperative and procedural care. One implementation at a time.

Non-Operating Room Anesthesia (NORA) Optimization

Our Solutions Result In:

  • Increased surgical access and volume
  • Streamlined processes
  • Improved leadership and governance
  • Standardized metrics and benchmarking
  • Stabilized staffing for growth
  • Enhanced clinical protocols and safety standards
  • Enriched patient experience
  • Improved quality of care
  • Advanced hiring and retention practice
  • Reduced waste and cost of care
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Leslie Basham

Leslie Basham

President & CEO

Joshua Miller

Josh Miller, MD

Chair, Board of Directors & Physician Managing Director

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Jill Schwieters

Senior Managing Director & Member, Board of Directors

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Surgical Directions is committed to being the employer of choice for experienced healthcare consulting professionals who take a collaborative approach to process improvement. We are always looking for qualified people who have a track record of creatively solving problems. We offer a positive, team-oriented work environment, and we are committed to your professional development.

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