NORA Locations

Non-Operating Room Anesthesia (NORA) Locations

Because of new innovations in minimally invasive procedures, we’ve witnessed a proliferation of procedures assisted by non-operating room anesthesia. Unfortunately, they are not immune to the rising costs of staffing, resources and supplies. Developing and executing resource allocation strategies is required for NORA locations that wish to remain competitive in the long term.

We help hospitals and health systems optimize their NORA locations with:

  • Shared governance models
  • Materials and supply chain management
  • Improvements to standard operating procedures
  • More consistent service delivery
  • Optimization of staffing, scheduling and resources
  • New service(s) development
  • Competency assessments and education

NORA locations have clear benefits for both owners and patients, but there are unique risks. With Surgical Directions, you can mitigate these risks while leveraging existing and potential non-OR services to grow incremental volume and revenue.

Surgical Directions has specialized in anesthesia-related services since its inception, and we’ve been a part of its evolution ever since.