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Anesthesiology Solutions

Relieve Anesthesiology Pressure Points and Enhance Financial Performance

Anesthesiology is an essential part of surgery. Unfortunately, it also tends to be a serious pressure point within the flow of surgical services. This includes staff scheduling and overtime, which has been further exacerbated by the anesthesia staffing shortages that show no signs of slowing. A poorly functioning anesthesiology department is often a symptom of a disorganized or inefficient perioperative space, which can cause ripple effects throughout the system. Despite the state-of-affairs, optimizing perioperative services can mitigate the rising costs of anesthesiology. At Surgical Directions, we remain optimistic as we help clients ensure patients receive the right care at the right locations with the highest quality and most reasonable cost.

Improved patient care & staffing satisfaction

An Anesthesiology Mindset

Surgical Directions was founded in partnership with an anesthesiologist, and this specialty has remained at the forefront of our consulting work. In alliance with nursing, analytics, surgeons, and business experts, we guide clients to help their anesthesiology departments become an integral and effective tool in enhancing success and increasing revenue.

We focus on anesthesia optimization, service line strategies, and systemness for hospitals in how they partner with outpatient environments. Our goal is to design solutions that improve operating room efficiency, surgeon satisfaction, and patient outcomes by aligning surgeon needs with practice patterns. By having a stable anesthesiology department—including efficient pre-anesthesia testing protocols — clients can improve:

  • Flow of surgical volume
  • Bed capacity
  • Patient safety
  • Hospital & ASC operations
  • Anesthesia clinician scheduling
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Anesthesia Workforce and Leadership Positions
  • Revenue Cycle Management

Through a forward-thinking approach, we help hospitals, ambulatory centers and practices relieve their anesthesiology pressure point and enhance their finances, volume, growth, and reputation.

Anesthesia Solutions

Relieve anesthesiology pressure points and enhance your financial performance.

Case Study: Driving an ROI through Procedural Services Transformation

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