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We Diagnose & Prescribe Nationally Proven Surgical Strategies

At Surgical Directions, we believe in providing customizable solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. We offer flexible healthcare management options, ranging from results-focused interventions to retainer models for ongoing support, with access to highly trained subject matter experts. No matter what healthcare problem you face, we can develop the right fit for your facility’s needs and budget.

Customizable solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs


We begin by analyzing your existing data, utilizing our proprietary software, Merlin™. This data-driven approach helps drive quick solutions, enabling clients to see faster results, create benchmarks, and plan for trends in effective hospital management. In the diagnosis phase, we work closely with clients and stakeholders to gain a comprehensive understanding of existing surgical services. Open communication and shared goals are crucial from the start, building trust among our peer-to-peer groups and ensuring an effective process. Our consultants undertake the following:

  • Hold a project kick-off meeting & coordinate the working schedule, whether onsite or virtual
  • Review existing documentation, policies, & procedures
  • Conduct facility tours, observations, & interviews


The next step is providing individual solutions, tailored to each client’s unique circumstances. Our discovery and analysis conclude with a final report, documenting the current state of the facility and outlining strategic opportunities and recommendations to:

  • Enhance productivity & efficiency
  • Streamline processes
  • Improve leadership & governance
  • Standardize metrics & implement comparative benchmarking
  • Enhance clinical protocols & safety standards
  • Achieve staffing stability for growth
  • Increase surgical access and volume
  • Powered by analytics, we diagnose and prescribe nationally proven strategies


We believe in being actively involved throughout the implementation process, rather than simply providing recommendations. If a client is interested in accelerating the implementation of any strategies, we work collaboratively to achieve effective results and we guarantee financial improvement. Our approach includes:

  • Building organizational consensus & commitment
  • Developing a detailed work plan, including timing & cost
  • Establishing a governance board & performance improvement teams (PITs)
  • Facilitating a successful evolution for perioperative & procedural services
  • Determining key performance indicators (KPI) for ongoing measurement

Measure and Manage:

In the final phase, we establish comprehensive metrics in partnership with our client’s goals. These metrics allow for effective measurement and management of a client’s ongoing performance using their electronic medical record system (EMR), relevant systems, and our MerlinTM platform. This approach ensures consistency and seamless visibility to promptly address any new challenges that arise within the facility.

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