Governance for Value Based Surgical Care

Design and Implement Governance Processes that Enable a Value Based Care program

After a critical assessment of a client’s existing governance structure and supporting personnel/programs, Surgical Directions creates a customized governance structure that will achieve consensus and operational drive to implement the processes and improvements needed to align the continuum of surgical services (from scheduling to 90 day follow up) for achieving success within value based care programs.

Surgical Directions will not only implement a governance structure with you but it will also train the vital stakeholders, other key clinicians and crucial operational staff to replicate the structure for future value based episodes of care. Surgical Directions will also train and support the governance needed to integrate value based surgical homes with medical homes to facilitate ACO success.

Common Problems

The most common issues our clients encounter with governance are:

  • Lack of clinician leadership
  • Lack of alignment of goals
  • Inadequate executive support
  • Differentiating governance from operations management
  • Siloed surgical specialty views
  • Lack of knowledge about value based care programs, both government mandated and private payer contracted
  • Inadequate appreciation for the scope of a continuum of care responsibility
  • Insufficient multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and intergenerational committee members
  • Inability to identify who the customer is

What We Do

Using a proven methodology, an experience team of physicians, nurses, analysts and managers will ensure that Surgical Directions has a complete understanding of a Hospital’s governance and surgical services support structure. Using the critical information gleaned from the assessment, the team will collaborate with clinicians and staff members, both as a group and as individuals to design the ideal structure for each unique client. As a part of the implementation of that structure, extensive training, education and management will take place initially, with the goal of creating the future leaders needed for an enduring and effective governance structure


  • Alignment of clinicians, executives and staff
  • Improved culture and morale
  • Training and education create leaders for a sustainable governance structure
  • Fiscal success in value based health care programs
  • Improved patient experience and outcomes with alignment of clinicians, the hospital and the payers

Effective Surgical Services Governance leads to success in achieving Value Based Healthcare goals and metrics