Advanced Operating Room Analytics to Optimize Surgical and Perioperative Services

Healthcare is always evolving with new tools, methods, protocols, training requirements and more. There is one constant in all the change: The health of your facility depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of your surgical and perioperative services. One of the greatest barriers to success in those areas is lost, or wasted time. Time is the one irreplaceable asset you have.

What if you could know exactly where your time is being lost, or wasted? Imagine being able to recapture that time. This could mean:

  • More cases. Even a single case per week can add big dollars to your bottom line.
  • Better surgeon access. Your most productive surgeons can have more time to do what they do best.
  • Better staff utilization. Your people are where the need to be, when they need to be there.
  • Better block allocation. Unproductive downtime can be eliminated, making everyone happier.

We have a solution to this problem: The Surgical Directions Analytics Dashboard.

Built using a proprietary web-based tool and customized to your organization, the Analytics Dashboard will help you identify the sources of lost and wasted, thus enabling you to take action. Our cutting-edge, patent pending analytics can help you drive the clinical, operational, and financial performance of your organization in a more productive and profitable direction. The Analytics Dashboard integrates with your EMR to generate robust, customizable reports for surgical and perioperative services.

How the Surgical Directions Analytics Dashboard works

Having advanced analytics will help your hospital leadership make confident, data-driven decisions, they can also measure the success of those decisions as the strategy is executed.

Surgical Directions analytics dashboard

To provide insights that can improve your operations, our analytics and reporting solution for hospitals requires vetted and accurate data. Surgical Directions first extracts data from your existing electronic health records, no matter what platform you use. Our data analysis experts are experienced with Cerner, E-Clinical Works, EPIC, Meditech, PICIS, SIS and more. After the extraction phase, we validate your existing data to ensure accuracy, gain insights from case-by-case data, and conduct a gap analysis to understand if any supplemental data is required.

Our secure platform produces comprehensive dashboards that will simplify your reporting process and empower your surgeons, anesthesiologists, and staff with reliable data insights.

Reports available include:

  • Block Utilization Management (Scheduling, Clinical Productivity, Surgeon Access)
  • Materials & Equipment Insights (Preference Cards, SPD, Supplies)
  • Staffing & Workforce Productivity (Assignments, Cross-Training, Dedicated Teams)
  • Operational & Clinical Performance Monitoring (Patient Throughput, Case Time, Heatmaps)

With data integrity ensured and useful trends and insights beginning to emerge, Surgical Directions data analysts will digitally map all required variables into our analytics infrastructure. Once the Surgical Directions web-based dashboard is customized to align with the data and goals of your hospital or health system, your leadership can:

  • Make informed decisions based on transparent, accurate, and current perioperative analytics
  • Develop granular, accurate, and actionable insights that empower your organizational goals
  • Quickly isolate and understand opportunities for operational improvement

Every healthcare organization would like data-driven decision-making integrated into the strategy process. Getting there requires the diligence and technical know-how of experts, who can ensure that your leadership has the information it needs to grow and improve operations in the years and decades to come.

Results matter! Improvements our clients have seen include:

Surgical Directions Advanced Analytics services results chart