About Us

We Make Change Happen

Surgical Directions is a specialty healthcare consulting firm composed of professionals with deep experience in specific areas of focus working side-by-side with clients to achieve the absolute greatest impact and sustainable performance possible. We have time-tested methodologies designed to drive lasting change in operational, clinical and financial performance.

Surgical Directions’ unique peer-to-peer model provides our clients the opportunity to work in partnership with consultants who specialize in their field – physician to physician, nurse to nurse and executive to executive. This process promotes greater buy-in across our clients’ organizations – and a culture that fosters continuous improvements and lasting change.

From assessment to implementation to interim or permanent placements within your leadership team, Surgical Directions is more than a consulting firm. We’re a collaborative partner dedicated to your success.

The Surgical Directions Difference

Surgical Directions is the partner of choice for hospitals and health systems striving for operational, financial and service-quality goals within their organizations. The difference is rooted in the expertise and experience of Surgical Directions professionals, who work directly with clients to implement foundational change.


We deliver actionable results.

Your healthcare organization needs more than an assessment to succeed. Surgical Directions doesn’t just help you define measurable goals – we play a hands-on role to integrate the solutions that will have a lasting impact. Change begins with in-depth data analysis and 360-degree interviews, and it continues to yield results as peer-to-peer knowledge transfer is applied to a long-term strategic plan.

We work as a team.

Each client is unique, and each has its specific challenges. To clearly understand your organization, we immerse ourselves in your culture as we gain the perspective of staff on the ground level. We work collaboratively as a team of nationally recognized physicians, experienced nurse executives, procedural executives and strategic planning business executives. We take a lean approach to problem solving as we streamline knowledge transfer, empower staff and sustain results.

We build consensus.

Buy-in is critical for implementing change. Leveraging the hands-on skills and consulting expertise of respected healthcare professionals, our team builds consensus by relating to your physicians, staff and key influencers on a peer-to-peer level. This approach establishes credibility and earns trust as we work to create a more efficient service delivery model. As a result, you will find that your physicians and staff are more willing to collaborate on solutions and the implementation of change initiatives in a substantive and sustainable manner.

We implement tailored solutions for our clients.

We consider our clients’ challenges within the context of their work culture, local market and competition as we craft solutions and strategies for transformational change within the organization. From rural to urban, from community-based to large quaternary academic medical centers, we go beyond an assessment. We help improve hospitals and health systems with solutions that meet specific needs, helping your teams implement them one step at a time. Our focused expertise ensures an efficient, cost-effective engagement that produces the most impactful results possible.