Value Based Care Design

Create and Implement a Value Based Management Program

Surgical Directions does a comprehensive and customized assessment of a single surgical service line and, if requested, all of the surgical service lines to determine appropriateness for bundled payments, the types of value based or bundled payments available for one or more surgical service lines and the existence of the components necessary for success in value based care. Surgical Directions will create a detailed process map including the types of data needed, analyses required and the optimal mechanisms to monitor the program. Surgical Directions will work with the client to implement the recommendations in order to create value.

Common Problems

The most common issues our clients encounter:

  • Fragmented and siloed surgical service lines
  • Duplication operational management of surgical service lines
  • Lack of knowledge or understanding of value based healthcare models
  • Lack of data collection
  • Lack of data analytics
  • Lack of tracking mechanisms over entire episode of care.
  • Lack of updated process and methodology

What We Do

We collaborate with clients through customized and targeted on-site assessments, education and training, detailed action place and implementation of that action plan.


  • Successful enrollment in and implementation of one or more surgical service lines in a value based healthcare model
  • Improved patient outcomes and experience
  • Enhanced fiscal compensation in the value based healthcare model
  • Enhanced operational management of perioperative services to meet value based healthcare metrics and goals