Organizational Design for Value

Align Performance Objectives with Value Based Care Program Objectives

Surgical Directions assesses your organization’s structural components that are necessary to participate in bundles of care, take risk in co-management compensation contracts, and achieve performance goals in value based care models. This includes assessment of the operational management of the whole perioperative service line or an individual service line, alignment of clinical services and other infrastructure requirements such as supply chain optimization.

Common Problems

The most common issues our clients encounter are:

  • Lack knowledge and understanding about value based healthcare models
  • Siloed approach to operational management, clinical care and infrastructure support
  • Lack of updated process and methodology
  • Insufficient outcomes metrics being measured to achieve success
  • Lack of accountability across an episode of care
  • Lack of comprehension about the benefits of value based healthcare models for patient experience and outcomes

What We Do

Optimization of overall perioperative services and individual surgical service lines by conducting a thorough on-site assessment. This includes peer-to-peer discussions with surgeons, nurses and managers to understand their challenges and identify areas of potential for structural improvements. We also do a full review of the clinical service lines and infrastructure support. We create and implement a customized plan with the client to achieve overall and individual success in value based healthcare models.


  • Aligned operational managements, clinical service and infrastructure
  • Robust training and education about the benefits of value based healthcare
  • Patient outcomes optimized
  • Fiscal benefit in value based programs.
  • Alignment with hospital strategy and goals