Product Standardization

Standardizing Surgical Products for Hospitals

Product standardization is an effective way to reduce supply costs before any product even arrives at your hospital or facility. With Surgical Directions, your organization can reduce the number of vendor sources while leveraging our clinical experience and peer-to-peer approach to earn surgeon buy-in and compliance. Our product standardization process results in demonstrated cost savings without ever compromising care.

Develop a Product Standardization Program that Works for Everyone

We understand the importance of earning the trust and agreement of every professional affected by a new product standardization program. It’s the reason we initiate peer-to-peer conversations with clinicians, physicians, supply managers, administrators, risk managers, purchasing agents and executives to pinpoint what is important to each stakeholder.

The benefits of a Surgical Directions product standardization program include:

  • Streamlined purchasing process
  • GPO optimization to leverage tiered pricing opportunities
  • Quicker internal product introduction and adoption
  • Improved safety
  • Reduced supply costs and costs per procedure
  • Enhanced financial performance

To gauge effectiveness, Surgical Directions conducts extensive reviews of value analysis, the committee charter, minutes and other activity. We then designate a collaborative value analysis committee that can make informed, responsible product selection decisions for new product entry and like-product standardization going forward.