Contract Compliance and Vendor Management

Regain Control of Your Hospital’s Vendor Management

Vendor management and contract compliance are crucial for perioperative risk and cost management. Surgical Directions conducts a comprehensive assessment of your current policies and procedures as they relate to vendor management, vendor access, vendor influence and contract compliance.

We keep a wide-lens perspective on perioperative and procedural vendor management and contract compliance. It’s our responsibility to ensure that any changes to the management of contracts and vendors remain within local regulations and the hospital’s or health system’s policies.

Minimizing Risk and Costs in Hospital and Health Systems

Surgical Directions helps hospitals and health systems minimize risk while reducing costs through effective vendor management and contract compliance. This process can take an unexpected amount of time, effort and resources when you don’t have experts leading the way.

The Surgical Directions process includes:

  • Assessing the current state of surgical and procedural contracts through purchase order histories and comparison to pricing tiers provided, review contract compliance and vendor management
  • Reviewing current and potential group purchasing organizations (GPOs)
  • Reviewing current and potential distributors to improve product delivery and reduce out-of-stock items
  • Vendor and rep relationship management
  • Developing guardrails between physicians and reps
  • Implementing consignment procedures to increase cash flow
  • Implementing strategies like capitation to reduce high-dollar items, such as implantable devices

The benefits of proper vendor management and contract compliance can be wide-ranging, and with proper maintenance, they can be sustained for decades. Those benefits can include:

  • Access to the specialized knowledge of vendors
  • Cost savings through GPO, distributor and standardized vendor management programs
  • Improved transparency and heightened accountability
  • Perioperative directors, managers and physicians who are on the same page and compliant with regulations, policies and procedures

As you work with Surgical Directions on managing contracts and vendors, you’ll see first-hand the immense long-term gains that will be available to your hospital or health system.