Population Health

Population Health Management

For financial and operational success, the patient must always remain the top priority. Without full dedication to your population health, every measure of success will fall short.

Surgical Directions allows hospitals to improve their population health strategy and commitment to high-quality care through:

  • Optimization of patient access, primary care and disease prevention
  • Employer-directed preventative care, comorbidity management and health education
  • Overall cost reduction for the managed population

When you work with Surgical Directions to maximize the positive impact of your resources, your patients receive the best possible care.

The Tactical Application of Population Health Data

Information describing your hospital’s population health does not simply measure success – it’s also actionable data that can guide the direction of your population health management strategy.

Surgical Directions enhances your hospital or health system strategy through:

  • Bundled payments
  • Co-management arrangements
  • Surgical and procedural clinical outcome optimization
  • Post-acute care integration and optimization
  • Surgical, perioperative or medical home
  • Employer partnerships providing preventative care and education

With Surgical Directions, your organization can continually improve its population health while using that information to improve processes.