Operating Room Case Volume Growth Strategy

Surgical and Procedural Market Share Growth

When market share begins to erode and outmigration of cases is evident, you need a diverse group of subject matter experts on your side.

Utilizing a unique combination of data analysis, competitive analysis and peer-to-peer discussions, Surgical Directions crafts an understanding of your unique market and demand. We analyze surgical and procedural success through multiple lenses, from both the micro and the macro perspective, as we develop and implement solutions that address the identified challenges and realize performance objectives.

Your Partner in Healthcare Business Development

Surgical Directions works at the intersection of operations, finance and management to reinvigorate surgical market share growth within hospitals and health systems.

When you partner with Surgical Directions, your healthcare leadership leverages our expertise to:

  • Create points of differentiation in the market
  • Develop robust referral channels to achieve sustainability in the marketplace
  • Capture market share from both hospitals and free-standing ambulatory surgery centers
  • Implement perioperative and/or procedural growth strategies, plans, tactics and support structures for sustainable gains

Applying our industry-leading model, Surgical Directions’ teams of experts have delivered successful healthcare business development solutions across the country.