Surgical Services

Above and Beyond Perioperative Services Consulting

The reputation, financial success and overall viability of your health system or hospital begin with perioperative services. Surgery often accounts for at least two-thirds of the revenue of high-performing hospitals, and more than 60 percent of their margin. Perioperative services are the foundation of your hospital’s direct and downstream revenue model, so it’s crucial that your surgical operations are performing at their highest level.

Signs that your perioperative services need improvement include:

  • High surgical site infection rates
  • Statistically significant 30-day readmission rates
  • Sentinel events
  • Stagnant or declining revenue
  • Loss of market share
  • Consistent physician complaints
  • Poor reputation in the community

Addressing Perioperative Challenges, Pursuing New Opportunities

Our surgical experts partner with hospitals and health systems, drawing upon their extensive clinical experience to deliver objective assessments of perioperative and procedural performance. We first evaluate efficiency through observation, peer-to-peer conversations and data analysis. Then we collaboratively develop a strategy that aligns the goals of leadership, surgeons, patients, anesthesia and staff.

With the guidance of Surgical Directions, your leadership team gains access to new perioperative performance insights and is able to confidently move forward on recommendations. Results for Surgical Directions clients have included positive, observable impacts on the perioperative culture, process, throughput, clinical outcomes and service delivery.

When your surgical services are performing at the highest level, your operational, financial and value-based purchasing objectives are optimized for sustainable, long-term revenue growth.