Preference Card Prioritization Workshop

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Are your Preference Cards a Mess and Causing Chaos in the OR?

  • Are you frustrated with your preference cards?
  • Are you looking for a way to optimize your preference cards?
  • Are you migrating to a new EMR?

According to one survey, 80% of surgeons and over 70% of perioperative nurses are dissatisfied with the accuracy of their preference cards. Making matters worse, incorrect and poorly maintained preference cards can cause much bigger issues, such as:

  • Safety issues due to missing supplies and equipment
  • Case delays due to missing or incorrect supplies
  • Increased turnover time
  • Excess and wasted supplies during the procedure
  • Overstocks due to ordering cycle
  • Loss of captured charges
  • RN inefficiencies due to card cleanup and corrections

It doesn’t have to be this way! Surgical Directions can help you overcome and avoid common preference card issues and quickly identify the main challenges causing your problem.


In just a half day, we will help you:

  • Work through a checklist on how to manage a preference card optimization project
  • Determine your facility’s priorities for preference cards
  • Develop tools to help you track your optimization project and maintain your preference cards going forward

For a limited time, we are happy to offer this powerful acceleration workshop for $5,000 plus related expenses, such as travel.

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Surgical Preference Cards: Time To Fix This Mess