What We Offer

From strategic planning to interim leadership placements, Surgical Directions offers services to meet virtually any health care provider’s performance needs.

Perioperative Consulting

Transform your Operating Room’s into high-performance machines with the help of our tools, techniques, and clinical experience.

Surgical Services
Surgical services are the foundation of your hospital’s direct and downstream revenue model, so it’s crucial that your surgical operations are performing at their highest level.

Resource Utilization & Optimization
Surgical Directions is lean-certified and ready to help your hospital achieve higher margins through the efficiency of process improvements, standardized work and lean principles.

Education, Policy & Procedures
An educated and informed staff is the key to providing the highest levels of efficient patient care.

Operating Room Case Volume Growth Strategy
When market share begins to erode and outmigration of cases is evident, you need a diverse group of subject matter experts on your side.

Strategic Planning
Surgical Directions helps you navigate the road to a sustainable growth model as we meet measurable milestones along the way.

Service Line Development
Leveraging deep clinical experience and specialized expertise, Surgical Directions helps your health care organization build robust specialty-specific service lines.

Capacity, Facility & Manpower Planning
We help you prioritize the capital, resource and cost-containment strategies that keep your organization viable and sustainable for the short and long term.

CMS Quality Indicators
If your hospital is planning for an assessment, leverage the experience and expertise of Surgical Directions to track and meet the relevant CMS quality indicators.

Central Sterile Processing
Improve the collaboration of sterile processing with your surgical and procedural teams.

Central Sterile Processing Improvement Programs
There is no reason any hospital should have to live with poorly maintained equipment, missing instruments or insufficient quality standards. Our Surgical Directions consultants will provide your CSPD with strategic goals to better meet OR demands and help establish a cohesive relationship between the departments to guide your CSPD to success.

Preference Card Standardization
Surgical Directions provides preference card standardization, pick-list optimization, cleanup and ongoing card management as a standalone service or as part of a larger operational improvement program.

Preference Card Workshop
According to one survey, 80% of surgeons and over 70% of surgical services nurses are dissatisfied with the accuracy of their preference cards. It doesn’t have to be this way! Surgical Directions can help you overcome and avoid common preference card issues and quickly identify the main challenges causing your problem in this half-day workshop.

Anesthesiology Services

Optimize Anesthesiology Services to help improve Operating Room Throughput, Top-Line Performance, and Perioperative Care Delivery

Anesthesiology Practice Assessment
Surgical Directions has a team of Anesthesiology experts that work in partnership with your organization’s key stakeholders. Together, we identify and surface core insights about the performance of Anesthesiology services at your organization, and we identify solutions to address clinical or business challenges.

Anesthesia Provider Contract Planning & Negotiation
Negotiating and structuring positive Anesthesiology contracts is a critical administrative task because Anesthesiologists are a key success factor to preserving and growing surgical volumes. At Surgical Directions, we help organizations evaluate and plan for these critical-to-mission contracts by surveying the market landscape, working in tandem with C-Suite and provider leads, and ultimately ensuring the Anesthesiology services within your organization are set up for success for years to come.

Contracted & Employer Model Strategy
Every organization has a strategic decision to make: Should I employ or contract with my Anesthesiology providers? There’s not a black-and-white rule that is right for every health system; rather, the decision is unique to each organization. At Surgical Directions, our business and Anesthesiology experts work in partnership with the administrative leaders of your organization to assess, refine, and outline a go-to-market plan that best meets your needs and ensures a successful Anesthesiology model for your teams and your patients.

Anesthesiology Practice Transformation
Clinical care continues to evolve and improve each and every day. That’s why it’s sometimes necessary to take a step back and objectively review delivery models for patient care. At Surgical Directions, we partner with healthcare clients to understand current-state delivery challenges and transform Anesthesiology Departments to meet the demands of today and tomorrow.

Workforce Planning and Staffing
Now more than ever, it’s imperative to retain Anesthesiology providers and ensure they are being maximized across your enterprise. At Surgical Directions, we develop and deploy advanced staffing models to optimize Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and AAs’ staffing across your enterprise, including inpatient environments, ASC facilities, and NORA locations. Our peer-to-peer model delivers sound time management, effective resource utilization, and effective cost controls.

Governance Redesign
Developing clear pathways for decision-making and accountability is critical to the maintenance and successful delivery of perioperative services. At Surgical Directions, we work with healthcare organizations to establish Anesthesiology governance structures, ensuring Anesthesia providers are positioned as partners across the continuum of care as well as within the daily management of the OR.

Compensation Redesign
Pay scales, stipends, and bonus structures have rapidly changed in the past several years; and, unfortunately, many health systems are ill-equipped to handle these changes in a successful and agile way. At Surgical Directions, our Anesthesiology experts work in partnership with your administrative leaders to craft best-practice compensation structure for Anesthesia providers, including but not limited to call pay, additional hours, sub-specialization, and equal vs. productivity compensation. Our approach ensures mutual benefit and mutual agreement among providers and healthcare organizations.

Anesthesia Leadership/Clinical Staffing
There has been significant turnover in Anesthesiology staffing the past several years. This resource gap has led to canceled surgeries, operational disruptions, and general burnout among clinical staff. At Surgical Directions, we can help organizations bridge their staffing challenges by providing interim leadership resources. These resources are qualified, experienced, and can provide leadership and simultaneously clinical support to perioperative services! We staff Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, or business professionals to hospitals that need immediate transition support.

Leadership Development & Coaching
With new resources and new management, sometimes professional development may be required. At Surgical Directions, we provide peer-to-peer coaching, positioning our Anesthesiologists to mentor your Anesthesia providers and nurture their managerial, financial, and operational skillsets.

Interim Leadership

Don’t delay filling key OR roles! Check out our Interim Leadership solutions.

Interim Hospital Leadership Solutions
When it comes to hospital and health system staffing solutions, Surgical Directions does not subscribe to a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Our team of highly trained staffing experts works with both hospitals and candidates to match personnel needs with our pre-screened talent pool.

Candidate Placements
Share your skills, experience and geographic interest with the Surgical Directions healthcare placement team, and we’ll introduce you to the hospitals and health systems that can help you reach your career goals either as an interim or permanent position candidate.

Anesthesia interim leadership
Help to improve efficiency and positively change the culture

OB Services

From growth planning to advanced analytics, we help our clients chart their future course.

Labor & Delivery Services

Surgical Directions offers many ways to support Labor & Delivery Departments. From analytics to aid with scheduling and practice management to high reliability organization offerings to foster data-driven clinical decision making, we can help your OB Services team improve both patient outcomes and the bottom line.

Value Based Care

Value Based Care Design
Determine the roadmap, metrics, and tracking mechanisms needed to create and implement a Value Based Care program that optimizes patient outcomes and enhances financial performance.

Organizational Design for Value
Align your organization’s operational structure, clinical service lines and affiliated infrastructure to be able to be successful in a Value Based Care model.

Governance for Value
Design and implement the necessary governance practices and organization model to help ensure a smooth transition to Value Based Care






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