Consulting Services

Short-term success is no longer enough.

For solutions with lasting impact, fundamental changes within your organization are necessary. It won’t happen overnight, but sustainable growth does start when leadership acknowledges the need for expert guidance.

Surgical Directions understands your challenges. We are physicians, nursing executives, business strategists and analysts who have been in your shoes. Together, we’ll create a multidisciplinary team that has the expertise and experience to solve your most frustrating operational problems. We will work with you to ensure that going forward, you have best practices in place to support consistent growth in your market.

Our Process

The Surgical Directions approach involves an in-depth assessment early on in the process. We focus on the culture of your organization, your supply chain from source to surgery, the optimization of your workforce and the performance of all processes and personnel.

We serve as a spark for collaborative teamwork, leveraging our experience and shared goals to encourage accountability, ownership and buy-in every step of the way. The practical expertise and insights of your stakeholders and the Surgical Directions team are critical to finding a path from problems and frustrations to solutions and efficiency. And our clients have been enthusiastic about the results.

Our People

The Surgical Directions peer-to-peer model works because our experts have the skills and experience to effectively collaborate with their counterparts at your hospital or health system. We know the questions to ask, and approach every challenge with empathy. We’ve been there, and we know that change can be difficult.

But we also know that making the extra effort in the short-term is always preferable to the long-term pain that awaits every level of your organization when the status quo remains untested. Our people are here to listen, learn and actively work with you to implement the changes necessary to evolve into a more efficient operation providing an optimal patient experience.

Surgical Directions specializes in:


OR and Procedural Services Volume and Market Share Growth – When market share begins to erode and outmigration of cases is evident, you need a diverse group of subject matter experts on your side.

Strategic Planning – Surgical Directions helps you navigate the road to a sustainable growth model as we meet measurable milestones along the way.

Service Line Development – Leveraging deep clinical experience and specialized expertise, Surgical Directions helps your health care organization build robust specialty-specific service lines.

Capacity, Facility & Manpower Planning – We help you prioritize the capital, resource and cost-containment strategies that keep your organization viable and sustainable for the short and long term.

Data Analytics – Using a proprietary web-based dashboard tool customized to your organization, Surgical Directions provides your hospital or health system with actionable data collection and analysis as it relates to location, population, services, organization size and more.

Performance Improvement

Perioperative Services – Perioperative services are the foundation of your hospital’s direct and downstream revenue model, so it’s crucial that your surgical operations are performing at their highest level.

Non-Operating Room Anesthesia (NORA) Locations – Developing and executing resource allocation strategies is required for NORA locations that wish to remain competitive in the long term.

Central Sterile Processing – Improve the collaboration of sterile processing with your surgical and procedural teams.

Education, Policy & Procedures – An educated and informed staff is the key to providing the highest levels of efficient patient care.

Resource Utilization & Optimization – Surgical Directions is lean-certified and ready to help your hospital achieve higher margins through the efficiency of process improvements, standardized work and lean principles.

CMS Quality Indicators – If your hospital is planning for an assessment, leverage the experience and expertise of Surgical Directions to track and meet the relevant CMS quality indicators.

Organizational Improvement – Surgical Directions helps clients optimize their organizations and governance structures.

Supply Chain

Preference Card Standardization – Surgical Directions provides preference card standardization, pick-list optimization, cleanup and ongoing card management as a standalone service or as part of a larger operational improvement program.

Product Standardization – With Surgical Directions, your organization can reduce the number of vendor sources while leveraging our clinical experience and peer-to-peer approach to earn surgeon buy-in and compliance.

Reprocessing – Surgical Directions works with physicians, nurses and perioperative leadership to define their unique opportunities for leveraging reprocessed devices.