Labor Productivity

A Comprehensive Approach to Labor Productivity

Advances in healthcare technology have certainly improved labor productivity, but measuring labor productivity remains a crucial component for improving hospital operations. When you partner with Surgical Directions, we provide insightful analysis of labor requirements based on existing and projected demand by department, role and function. That analysis, along with our labor productivity tool, provides relevant cross-organizational comparisons that tell you where you’re succeeding and where you can improve.

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Elevate Your Operating Room and Procedural Management

Hospitals and health systems work with Surgical Directions to gain a contextual understanding of labor productivity. With our knowledge of comprehensive healthcare industry benchmarks and our peer-to-peer consultative model, your hospital or operating room will be able to:

  • Compare FTEs, costs and other labor metrics to those of comparable hospitals
  • Receive an objective assessment of labor performance quality
  • Make decisive changes to labor productivity as it relates to your organizational framework
  • Set challenging, yet realistic goals for labor performance and efficiency

Using these metrics and goals to design a new performance strategy, your hospital operations will be on a concrete path to optimal labor productivity.