Competency Validation

Staff Competency Validations for Long-Term Excellence

Not only do staff competency validations improve patient care and reduce turnover costs, a proper competency program reflects the dedication of organization leadership to provide those employees producing at the highest level of their licensure with a clear career path for success. Reducing inconsistencies begins with setting job roles and responsibilities as outlined by the core competencies established for each position.

When you work with Surgical Directions for medical staff credentialing, you ensure that existing and incoming nurses are able to provide patients with highest level of care and physicians with consistent support.

You can be assured that your workforce is assessed on many levels of competency, including:

  • Scope of practice
  • Area of expertise
  • Patient safety
  • Specialized skills
  • Technical expertise required
  • Validity testing

With an end-to-end approach to education and staff competency, Surgical Directions identifies training gaps, conducts one-on-one training and designs a training system tailored to the unique needs of your environment, personnel and patients.