Consulting Services

Offering more than an objective perspective of your unique challenges and opportunities, Surgical Directions is your partner in effecting meaningful change to compete – and lead – in your market.

Surgical and Procedural Market Share Growth

A new competitive landscape requires fresh thinking to win back market share.

Strategic Planning 

It takes a shared vision, confidence and commitment to execute a clear and measurable strategy.

Population Health Tactical Applications

For long-term success, the patient must be central to every strategic decision.

Service Line Development

Identify and pursue the services that your community demands.

Capacity, Facility & Manpower Planning

Oversee fundamental improvements in efficiency through total capacity, facility and manpower utilization.

Data Analytics 

Make confident, data-supported strategy decisions.

Performance Improvement

The keys to consistently high performance can hide in surprising places throughout your organization. Surgical Directions uncovers opportunity, and helps your employees meet their full potential along the way.


Perioperative Services

Strategies to provide a better continuity of care in the market.

NORA Locations

This innovation in outpatient care must manage resources carefully to remain competitive.

Central Sterile Processing

Best practices in central sterile processing will benefit departments across your organization.

Education, Policy & Procedures

Enhance your onboarding and continuing education.

Resource Utilization & Optimization

In a lean organization, performance and efficiency go hand-in-hand.

CMS Quality Indicators

Achieve your assessment goals with confidence.

Supply Chain

There is no reason to allow an unwieldy supply chain to render your hospital or hospital system insolvent. Surgical Directions has the tools and expertise to grant you unprecedented insight into the flow of your materials, and together we can find long-term supply chain solutions.

surgical supply chain consulting

Materials Management

Optimize your surgical materials management for less waste and an improved patient experience.

Preference Card Standardization

Cleanse your preference card system, and achieve mutual accountability from all stakeholders in the OR.

Product Standardization

Reduce your supply costs before any materials even arrive at the hospital.

Contract Compliance and Vendor Management

Remain compliant with regulations, and let your vendor relationships work for you.


Implement a cost-saving reprocessing program that your surgeons will support.

Workforce Solutions

There is no more effective way to optimize your workforce than with Surgical Directions. Our clinical experts engage in peer-to-peer conversations that lead to data-supported decisions.


Labor Productivity

Leverage our contextual analysis and experienced point of view to improve operating room efficiency.

Staffing Model

Gain measurable organizational improvement through an agile staffing model.

Organizational Development

Are you giving your employees the tools and vision they need to succeed?

Interim and Permanent Placements

Only connect with the candidates who are qualified to fill your interim or permanent position.

Competency Validation

Achieve a higher level of consistency within your organization, and show your employees that their skills and effort are recognized.

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