Supriya Patel

Supriya Patel, MHA

Supriya works with cross-functional teams in developing and implementing effective strategies that optimize operations, improve performance, and create a foundation for future sustainability.

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Amanda Kieser

Amanda is a transformational leader with the ability to inspire and empower teams to drive results. Her experience in operational and process improvement initiatives spans clinical and non-clinical departments in academic medical centers. In the perioperative service line, Amanda has proven positive outcomes in increased block utilization, improved resource allocation and optimized scheduling processes. Her

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Audrey Coppola, MHA

Audrey is an Engagement Director for Surgical Directions. While every challenge is unique, she is always striving to help hospitals meet and exceed their

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Kartik Bhatt

Kartik supports consultants with analytic projects that reduce cost and increase optimization to help healthcare clients meet and exceed their performance goals.

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Michael Besedick

Michael manages analytics projects that reduce costs, drive revenue and increase ROI for healthcare clients.

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Patricia May

Patricia is a Director of Perioperative Nursing with over 25 years of experience in perioperative clinical nursing and nursing leadership.

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