Performance Improvement Workshops

Success in the OR is created by more than just perfect first case on-time starts and fast turnaround times, it also depends on having highly functioning processes in place in other departments, like Central Sterile Processing, and accurate and well-maintained Preference Cards.

We recognize this need in many hospitals and understand that knowing where to start or how to maintain best practices can be overwhelming. Our clinical experts are here to help!

We are delighted to offer two new, highly-effective programs in the following areas:

Central Sterile Processing Improvement Programs

There is no reason any hospital should have to live with poorly maintained equipment, missing instruments or insufficient quality standards. Your CSPD is the core of perioperative services. It provides the OR with all necessary instrumentation and helps ensure patient safety. Our Surgical Directions consultants will provide your CSPD with strategic goals to better meet OR demands and help establish a cohesive relationship between the departments to guide your CSPD to success.

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Preference Card Workshop

According to one survey, 80% of surgeons and over 70% of perioperative nurses are dissatisfied with the accuracy of their preference cards. Making matters worse, incorrect and poorly maintained preference cards can cause much bigger issues.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Surgical Directions can help you overcome and avoid common preference card issues and quickly identify the main challenges causing your problem in our new half-day workshop.

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Surgical Preference Cards: Time To Fix This Mess