Operating Room

Plan and Execute an “OR Reset” in 2022

Hospital executives can lead a post-pandemic financial recovery by reinvigorating OR performance and reworking OR strategy

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Decrease uncertainty to combat burnout, boost retention.

While Covid-19 has certainly put more of a strain on employee morale, one thing is for sure, provider burnout has been a problem in the OR for years. While no single strategy will prevent or combat this issue, there are common themes that significantly impact it–one of those being uncertainty. Lack of clarity is leaving

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Strong new tactics to support COVID-19 financial recovery.

The end of the COVID-19 pandemic is in sight, but hospital surgery departments will not likely see a rapid return to normal. Since the start of the pandemic, perioperative leaders have had to stay flexible and act quickly. Over the next 12 months, OR leaders will need to reassess the environment frequently and make course

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a young theatre nurse wearing all the appropriate surgical wear is looking to camera and smiling. In the background two surgeons can be seen working on a patient on the operating table

Using Advanced Analytics to Maximize OR Utilization

Wasted room capacity is a major problem in hospital surgery departments. In most facilities, OR utilization hovers around 60%. Practically speaking, that means between one-quarter and one-third of expensive OR time is going to waste. Inefficiency at this scale is clearly a financial problem. As hospitals struggle to absorb volume losses related to COVID-19, capacity

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Overcoming Common Obstacles to Implementing a Perioperative Surgical Home

This team-based, patient-centered approach coordinates all phases of surgical care, from preoperative assessment through intraoperative care and postdischarge recovery.

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L&D Overhaul May Produce Greater Efficiency, Satisfaction

Labor and delivery department improvement

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Hospitals Executive’s Guide to ASC Expansion Strategy

Can your hospital survive the growing dominance of ASCs?

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The Modern Hospital Operating Room

Overcoming Obstacles to Organizational Transformation

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