Post-COVID Recovery Period and What That Looks like for Providers

The post-COVID recovery period, and what that looks like for providers on elective surgical volume, the CARES Act, patient engagement and more

There is much that can be done now to secure critical resources and lay the foundation for recovery from the systemic shock of the pandemic. In the podcast, Jeff and Leslie discuss how to take advantage of key opportunities available to you to help you through this time. They also discuss how to understand programs and policies intended to help begin financial recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

You learn what you need to do to help you maximize and accelerate the value you get from the programs and policies. It will discuss how your organization should have a roadmap for how to rapidly recover elective surgical volume, post-COVID. This podcast is designed to help hospitals and ASCs recover from the challenges caused by COVID-19.

  • Discussion by Jeff Peters and Leslie Basham of Surgical Directions
  • Hosted by Scott Becker of Becker’s Healthcare

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