Our Process of Working with a Client

Learn how Surgical Directions partners with you to reduce costs and increase revenue using peer-to-peer leadership and process expertise coupled with actionable data analytics.

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[00:00:07.68] Project get started and at that point we’ll have calls to identify what would they like us to do, what are the challenges within the hospital, where do they see a partnership that would fit? Then we, generally, come on site and we conduct an assessment. So we’ll evaluate each of the areas. If we’re looking at a perioperative transformation, we’ll evaluate every area within perioperative services and we’ll look at the scheduling process. The pre-anesthesia testing department we’ll look at pre-op morning of surgery, interop we’ll look at their workflow, sterile processing, how instruments flow, the recovery room.

[00:00:48.75] We’ll also evaluate their data. We’ll look at length of stay, we’ll look at quality indicators, we’ll look at their metrics, their volume, their block utilization, room utilization, staffing. And given that, we have some proprietary goals and benchmarks and we’ll evaluate where does this client stand in the spectrum? And with that we’ll provide a report of what our findings are and our reports are very detailed. We meet with staff, we interview staff, we try to better understand all activities that are conducted within each one of the departments. We like to see what’s working well, we like to see what their challenges are, what their opportunities are.

[00:01:33.11] And with that we’ll provide the report to the executive team and we’ll flag out where we see their greatest opportunities for improvement are. Many times it’s raising the bar. We go into quite a few A level hospitals where we will just help them to get to that A-plus status. There may be one area that they would like us to work on or there may be numerous areas that they would like some help with, and then we mutually decide where would they like some help?

[00:02:04.17] Following that we would come back on site for an extended period of time, and this is where we’re boots on the ground. We work hand in hand with your surgeons, with your anesthesia providers, with your nurses, with your sterile processing techs. And we work with them to help design optimal workflow, we try to resolve any challenges that they’re having, and to rebuild and do tran– and conduct a transformation on their services. And the projects can last anywhere from four months, sometimes years, depending on what we’re come in for. And then we share all of our findings on a regular basis.

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