Our Company History & Accomplishments

Partner with a solution-focused consulting organization that is powering the future of perioperative and procedural care one implementation at a time.

[00:00:07.37] We are a procedural and perioperative partner for hospitals, for ambulatory centers, for anesthesia departments. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, which are leaders, administrators, physicians, nursing staff. We have a peer-to-peer model.

[00:00:27.52] And what we do is we work with the clients to meet their needs. And it’s very vast what we do. We can look at efficiency. We look at culture. We look at optimizing Workflow we have staffing platforms. So there’s a whole plethora of solutions that we partner with our clients to help improve and truly raise the bar in their operations.

[00:00:52.91] Surgical directions was founded approximately 30, 35 years ago. And it was founded by two physicians, two anesthesiologists, and a CEO. And it initially started looking at anesthesia practices. And when they went in they identified, there was a significant amount of opportunity within the operating room that will improve anesthesia services. So that’s when the company expanded to doing transformations within perioperative services, the operating room primarily.

[00:01:26.16] And from that point the company just continued to grow. We started to offer more services within the operating room, where we look at efficiencies for first case on-time starts, standard work, turnaround time, throughput, through each modality. We moved on to pre-surgical optimization. And we identified best practice from each one of our professional organizations. And many of it’s based on the American Anesthesia Society recommendations for patient preparation. So we build in programs to help prepare your patient for surgery.

[00:02:06.25] We have a workforce solution, which we’re seeing quite a bit of clients right now asking for assistance. We all know the challenges that hospitals are facing around the country with staffing. So what we do is we offer a variety of solutions to assist with staffing. We use national benchmark standings to determine what their basic staffing needs are.

[00:02:29.42] And then we overlap. We have a proprietary tool called Merlin. And we overlap heat mapping to identify what staff are needed by time of day, by day of week. We can also look at it in longer periods based on seasonality. So we identify how many staff are needed by role.

[00:02:50.34] Then we work with organizations to start with retention strategies, to keep the staff that are already there. And we also look at recruiting strategies. We’ll help partner with different communities, with universities within the community, possibly with bringing on staff to train them for certain roles, for example, sterile processing. And we also have an interim staffing solution as well, where we’ll help bring on staff leaders primarily if are needed within the department. And I think that’s one of our primary offerings that is being requested right now– staffing.

[00:03:31.00] One of our biggest accomplishments is how we have truly expanded our portfolio over the years. Initially, when the company was founded, we looked exclusively at perioperative services. And now, we have expanded where we have a technological solution, Merlin. We have an anesthesia division. We look at non-operating room area. And we’ve got processes to improve operations and efficiency within non-operating room areas.

[00:04:01.92] And that includes labor and delivery. We have a significant labor and delivery solution that includes governance, optimizing daily processes as well as staffing. Those are some of the primary things that we have expanded on over the years. And we’ve also developed an interim service solution line as well. So I think that’s the greatest thing that we’ve done over the years, where we started as a boutique firm. And now, we’ve just expanded significantly. And we’re touching many areas within perioperative and procedural services.

[00:04:35.71] We’re constantly trying to improve our product. We research. We attend conferences. We work with each other. We develop– we identify where there’s a problem with one client. And we’ll work together to develop solutions. We have pools of resources to address challenges with every client.

[00:04:57.35] So when someone partners with surgical directions, they don’t just get one nurse, they’ll get the pool of nurses. They do not just get one physician, they get a pool of physicians. We also meet on a weekly basis to look at the projects overall with all the nurses, all of the physicians. And we’ll evaluate, what did we do at this client? And we constantly evaluate ourselves to see how we can improve. And we know that change is ongoing. And that’s one thing we do. We evolve as things change within the industry, so that we are there for our clients.