New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s implementation of the Perioperative Value Initiative

New Hanover Regional Medical Center (NHRMC) is a 622-bed public, non-for-profit hospital, located in Wilmington, North Carolina. NHRMC is a leading provider in the southeastern region of patient focused, award-winning healthcare services. NHRMC has a strong surgical program with good clinical outcomes, growing case volume, and strong financial performance. The hospital created a goal of being recognized as one of the “Best Surgical Hospitals in America.” Perioperative Services drive hospitals’ performance, so improvements in efficiency and clinical outcomes of perioperative services was the focus to accomplish New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s goals.


With New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s goal in place for being one of the best hospitals in its region, hospital leadership wanted to focus on areas of improvement. In order to be the leading hospital, leadership acknowledged the lack of alignment on efficiency and volume as well as issues in the OR not being addressed. NHRMC faced many challenges and in order to achieve their goal, leadership focused on FCOTS, utilization, and finding a way to increase volume but reduce cost. The main challenges:

  • Surgeon dissatisfaction and inconsistency
  • Inefficient OR operations
  • Excessive LOS and readmissions
  • Inconsistent patient experience
  • Paying Medicare VBP Penalties
  • Utilization was in the low 70s

Download the case study to find out the solutions and results to this multifaced approach and how to transition to value-based care.