Leveraging Data to Reprioritize Patient & Doctor Needs

Proactively manage the OR to meet patient & doctor needs.

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[00:00:07.76] I think the most important thing is helping an organization reprioritize their OR to their patient and surgeon needs. Take a step back to proactively think, “How should we manage the OR, how should our access be so that it aligns better with our patient population our surgeon access.” And then be able to come back after the fact and say, “Look what we did?” When I see that that means a lot. When I see that our wasted minutes are reduced so that our utilization as a whole a bigger portion of it is tied to what I would call value based time, which is surgery.

[00:00:50.00] Where I found the best performance or outcomes is the organizations that are actually thoughtful enough about how precious their OR time is and really being judicious about how they allocate it. So that way they’re being thoughtful– and this is important to meet the mission of the organization. When I hear that we need to do x, y, and z because we want to make sure our patients can get in December so they don’t have to deal with that high copay in January, that’s meaningful. And that I care about.

[00:01:26.79] So when you start peeling back the layers and you’re actually doing this. So you can actually improve production and access not just the surgeon but the patients. So when you’re able to pull that away through data and decision making and proactive management of your OR, now you’re doing stuff for the greater good and in that world it’s hard to argue. But you need to actually have that data and the governance to support it.

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