How to Improve Company Culture

Create processes to improve efficiency, throughput and better patient care.

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[00:00:08.21] Most times we go to organization and there’s a culture of accommodation because they want to make their surgeons happy, which I appreciate to a certain extent. But when you accommodate every single surgeon you’ve undermined the hospital’s process to the extent it doesn’t exist anymore. And all you have is a bunch of one off solutions for every individual surgeon. And then as you bring in new staff it’s hard to train them because you have to train them on all these little iterations of all these little nuances for every provider, and that’s not sustainable. And that’s not sustainable from just the training and the development perspective, but it’s also just an expectation management from those providers that now you’ve actually set in stone that every time you come in here we’re going to do this for you, to do for this surgeon or for this surgeon and for this surgeon.

[00:00:55.58] Now we understand accommodations are required, but how do we manage those accommodations in a thoughtful process so we don’t have a litany of accommodations that undermine the functional process of the hospital? And I think changing that paradigm that, yes, we need to service our surgeons. But service our surgeons by having a culture of accommodation isn’t the right way of doing it. Having structure, process, expectation management so that way when they come in there they know that cases start on time, we have, the equipment they need, so they feel like they’re in a trusted and safe environment to provide surgery for their patients provides better service to our surgeons than just caveating every single nuance that they have.

[00:01:37.95] We fix that process, but also do it in a way that we’re seeking surgeon input, we’re making them understand why we’re doing it, and we’re also showing them the light at the end of the tunnel. Because again it’s painful, no one wants to move their cheese. But if they could see that this is what we’re going to create and there’s going to be a new world where we’re going to have efficiency and throughput and better patient care, I mean, it’s hard to argue at that point.

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