Performance Improvement

The Modern Hospital Operating Room

Overcoming Obstacles to Organizational Transformation

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Greater Baltimore Medical Center

We transformed current practices to best practices and provided a more solid financial foundation.

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The Elephant in the OR: Reducing Surgical Case Time

When the OR isn’t starting cases on time, the costs can really add up for your hospital facility.

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Surviving the Big Squeeze: Transforming Your OR for the Era of Falling Payments and Rising Quality Expectation

Perioperative services are the key to success for a hospital or hospital system.

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Staffing to Demand to Improve On-Time Starts, Case Length and Turnover Times

Staffing to demand is the leading indicator of high-performing perioperative services.

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8 Surprising Reasons Why Most Hospitals’ ORs are Inefficient

Is Your Hospital Guilty of These Costly Mistakes?

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surgical supply chain consulting

Barnabas Health

We identified the reasons for a high infection rate and overhauled the CSP unit.

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healthcare staffing solutions

Memorial Regional Hospital

An OR turnaround boosts hospital profit by $3 million.

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