Staffing Models

Custom Workforce Staffing Models for Agile Hospitals

The new healthcare paradigm is pushing many hospitals to reevaluate their staffing procedures. Surgical Directions works with your leadership and personnel to develop an agile, efficient staffing model that is right for your hospital.

We consider a long list of factors as we optimize your hospital’s staffing model, including:

  • Regulatory environment
  • Patient population
  • Patient safety and quality
  • Infrastructure
  • Staffing processes
  • Staffing technology
  • Past patient information
  • Future patient needs and demand projections
  • Nurse-patient ratios
  • Specialty-specific needs
  • Average bed occupation rates
  • Employee turnover
  • Labor supply

Staffing Solutions for Measurable Operational Improvement

Surgical Directions uses these data points to create a staffing model customized to your organization, and the result is measurable operational improvement. As incremental improvements have occurred for our clients, we’ve see consistent results emerge:

  • Staffing levels that match more closely with demand
  • Declining overtime, call and locum tenens costs
  • More controlled and predictable schedules, improving staff morale
  • Improved skills and competencies across all staff
  • More efficient processes and protocols
  • Improved physician, staff and patient satisfaction

Through a mix of data and experience-sharing, Surgical Directions’ operating room management experts can provide your leadership with a new perspective on labor efficiencies.