Data Analytics

Hospital Data Analytics for an Informed Strategy

When your hospital leadership makes confident, data-driven decisions, they can also measure the success of those decisions against performance objectives as the strategy is executed. Using a proprietary web-based dashboard tool customized to your organization, Surgical Directions provides your hospital or health system with actionable data collection and analysis as it relates to location, population, services, organization size and more.

To provide insights that can improve your operations, our data analytics and reporting solutions for hospitals require vetted and accurate data. Surgical Directions first extracts data from your existing electronic health records, no matter what platform you use. Our data analysis experts are experienced with Cerner, E-Clinical Works, EPIC, Meditech, PICIS, SIS and more. After the extraction phase, we validate your existing data to ensure accuracy, gain insights from case-by-case data and conduct a gap analysis.

An Intuitive, Web-based Hospital Data Management Dashboard

With data integrity ensured and useful trends and insights beginning to emerge, Surgical Directions data analysts will next conduct data mapping as the Surgical Directions business intelligence tool is integrated with your systems.

Once the Surgical Directions web-based dashboard is customized to align with the data and goals of your hospital or health system, your leadership is able to:

  • Make decisions based on transparent, accurate and current perioperative and surgeon-specific data
  • Quickly isolate and understand opportunities for operational improvement
  • View insightful, actionable reports that can initiate meaningful change in your organization

Every healthcare organization would like data-driven decision-making integrated into the strategy process. Getting there requires the diligence and technical know-how of experts, who can ensure that your leadership has the information it needs to grow and improve operations in the years and decades to come.