Capacity, Facility & Manpower Planning

Healthcare Facility Planning, from Capacity to Manpower

Today’s hospitals and health systems must be more nimble than ever to compete, expand market share and grow financially. Surgical Directions is your partner to success, helping you prioritize the capital, resource and cost-containment strategies that keep your organization viable and sustainable for the short and long term.

To gain a comprehensive and objective picture of your hospital or health system’s resource allocation within facilities, we combine our data analysis with peer-to-peer conversations.

Our process includes:

  • Defining measures of success for accountability
  • Examining the needs of the market and allocating personnel for the most responsive and agile approach to the community as possible
  • Creating succession plans
  • Reviewing the current plant limitations and future plant needs, and aligning those with medical staff development strategies to meet demand

Meaningful Insights for Effective Facility Planning

Our technical evaluation results in meaningful reports and dashboards that allow for confident, data-supported decisions. Additionally, Surgical Directions works with you on a peer-to-peer basis to project short, intermediate and long-term visions of optimal capacity, facility and manpower utilization.

After a comprehensive review of service allocation within the plant floorplan, Surgical Directions might advise your hospital or health system to:

  • Repurpose areas to optimize efficiency
  • Build new areas to address current or future demand
  • Consolidate services to leverage economies of scale
  • Reallocate services to optimize resources for market demand

Only by leveraging both quantitative and qualitative insights are we able to make impactful change for your hospital or health system.