Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization and Optimization

When your operating and procedural areas aren’t generating the revenue they should, the problem is usually not one of performance, but resource utilization. This means getting the most out of your resources, from supplies to your most important resource – your people. Surgical Directions consultants are lean-certified and ready to help your hospital achieve higher margins through the efficiency of process improvements, standardized work and lean principles.

The need for resource utilization can arise for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Rising supply costs
  • Tightening labor market
  • Declining CMS Medicare, Medicaid, worker’s compensation and private commercial insurance reimbursements

Surgical Directions works with your perioperative and procedural team to create the leanest, most agile operating environment possible.

Lean Operations, Low Waste, High Performance

Whether it’s a department-specific project, hospital-wide undertaking or an entire health system initiative, Surgical Directions helps your hospital or health system improve its resource utilization by:

  • Helping to plan ahead for in-demand, just-in-time supplies while making data-supported decisions about supply items that are used less frequently
  • Analyzing the costs and benefits of current and potential services, and making the necessary changes based on patient needs and financial viability
  • Identifying opportunities to substitute equally safe and effective treatments, equipment and other materials for their more expensive counterparts
  • Determining whether certain sterilization and reuse procedures would alleviate supply costs without outlaying too much time, and implement those procedures as necessary

The sooner you enlist the experts at Surgical Directions to get your organization on the path to lean resource utilization, the sooner you’ll see significant improvement in margins and service delivery.