Central Sterile Processing

New Offering

Is Your Central Sterile Processing Department Performing at its Best?

  • Do you receive complaints from surgeons or OR staff regarding quality of surgical instruments?
  • Does your current or new CSPD management staff need guidance or coaching?
  • Are you confident in your OR’s regulatory standard compliance?
  • Do you have a pending survey?

There is no reason any hospital should have to live with these common Central Sterile issues. Your CSPD is the core of perioperative services. It provides the OR with all necessary instrumentation and helps ensure patient safety. Dysfunctional CSPDs can create major issues including:

  • Compromised patient safety
  • Surgeon & staff dissatisfaction
  • Poorly maintained instruments
  • Lack of available instruments
  • Insufficient quality standards
  • Inappropriate decontamination, processing, sterilization or storing of instruments.

Hospitals have lived with these problems because there is so much pressure with day-to-day patient caseloads that no one has the time to put together a thoughtful plan to tackle the problem.

This is why Surgical Directions leadership has created a powerful new workshop designed to accelerate the improvement process of your CSPD.

We are now offering a half-day workshop designed to help guide the CSP department toward meeting your goals of process efficiency and patient safety. For a limited time, we are delighted to offer this program for only $5,000 plus related expense such as travel.

Workshop activities include:

  • Tour department for throughput process
  • Examine documentation records for equipment testing
  • Review an employee file for required job descriptions, competency and certification
  • Observe staff briefly in decontamination, assembly, sterilization and storage
  • Review quality program with manager
  • Discuss with manager daily routine, communication process with staff and OR, problematic issues


Our eight week intensive leadership mentoring program provides one-on-one in person coaching, 1.5 days per week with additional remote support. Our rapid improvement program includes an in-depth CSPD department assessment and a partnership with leadership and staff to correct Central Sterile issues.

CSPD Improvement Program highlights include:

  • An intense review of department processes and procedures utilizing the Surgical Directions CSPD Management Guidelines
  • Development of an eight-week calendar of objectives
  • Formulation of a CSPD Performance Improvement Team to develop and disseminate program decisions
  • Weekly meetings with Surgical Directions program leader and manager/supervisor mentorship
  • Concentration on regulatory requirements, quality, lean daily management, communication, department managements, policies, staff competency and training and customer service
  • Outline of daily, weekly, monthly and annual monitoring parameters for the internal CSPD manager

Our unique offering is supported by experienced perioperative leaders (administration and directors) specializing in CSPD management, with comprehensive knowledge of OR process flow. The Surgical Directions consultants will provide your CSPD with strategic goals to better meet OR demands, and can establish and build a cohesive relationship between the departments. A quality monitoring program can be implemented in partnership with your facility’s performance improvement team.

Contact us today to learn more and begin your CSPD Improvement Program. Don’t delay. You don’t have to live with the problem any longer.

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