How Can We Optimize the Financial Performance of our Operating Room?

Hospitals face a common problem–balancing surgeons’ need for access against the financial requirements of high staff productivity and efficient resource utilization. At Surgical Directions, we help organizations sustainably grow their surgical and procedural volume while simultaneously reducing operating costs by making their day-of-surgery processes more efficient.

Simply enter your current metrics into the fields to see your potential. What if the Surgical patient preparation was completed further in advance of the Day-of-Surgery? What if more of the first cases got into the room on-time? How can improved patient throughput impact efficiency and expenses? The dollars add up quickly! Surgical Directions can help you realize these opportunities, executing a strategic plan unique to your organization and our combined efforts will generate great gains.

Enter information below to see the potential results.

  • Surgical Volume Growth
  • Increased PAT Charge Capture
  • Improved Same-Day Cancellations
  • On-time Start Improvement
  • Turnover Improvement

Three-Year Total ${{ Math.floor(totalBenefits/1000000*10)/10 }}M

This estimate is an approximation and is not guaranteed. Results may change based on information provided from the client, and specific to the client.

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