Benefits of Working with Surgical Directions

Benefits of Working with Surgical Directions

The experts of Surgical Directions are more than healthcare consultants. We are your partners, sharing your goals of success for the short and long term. Our highly experienced specialists help your leadership define objectives, earn the buy-in of stakeholders and execute a data-supported strategy.

Since our founding in 2000, Surgical Directions has led more than 500 hospital transformations across the United States, from community-based hospitals to large quaternary academic centers.

The Surgical Directions difference begins with our process, and it continues to make a positive impact on hospitals and health systems as it guides long-term quality improvement. Clients are still enjoying sustainable results many years after working with us.


Our Process

The Surgical Directions approach involves an in-depth assessment early on in the process. We focus on the culture of your organization, your supply chain from source to surgery, the optimization of your workforce and the performance of all processes and personnel.

We serve as a spark for collaborative teamwork, leveraging our experience and shared goals to encourage accountability, ownership and buy-in every step of the way. The practical expertise and insights of your stakeholders and the Surgical Directions team are critical to finding a path from problems and frustrations to solutions and efficiency. And our clients have been enthusiastic about the results.

Our People

The Surgical Directions peer-to-peer model works because our experts have the skills and experience to effectively collaborate with their counterparts at your hospital or health system. We know the questions to ask, and approach every challenge with empathy. We’ve been there, and we know that change can be difficult.

But we also know that making the extra effort in the short-term is always preferable to the long-term pain that awaits every level of your organization when the status quo remains untested. Our people are here to listen, learn and actively work with you to implement the changes necessary to evolve into a more efficient operation providing an optimal patient experience.

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